Nuovi radiomicrofoni Sennheiser al Centro Cristiano di Breganzona Lugano

Rack Radiomicrofoni Sennheiser
Rack Radiomicrofoni Sennheiser

BL Acoustics ha fornito i nuovi radiomicrofoni Sennheiser handheld e beltpack  della serie EW500-G4 per la Sala Congressi del Centro Cristiano di Breganzona, Lugano, in Svizzera.

Sennheiser EW500 G4 Handheld
Sennheiser EW500 G4 Handheld
Sistema completo con trasmettitore a mano, capsula supercardioide a condensatore e ricevitore fisso UHF. Range 470-626 MHz. Set vocale, composto da microfono a mano con interruttore per Mute e capsula a condensatore super-cardioide, Ricevente per montaggio a rack con kit per montaggio antenne incluso.

·         88 MHz bandwidth
·         20 Frequency banks with up to 32 presets for each
·         Up to 32 compatible channels
·         Fast frequency allocation for up to 12 recipients via link function with RJ10 connection
·         Frequency response: 25 – 18,000 Hz
·         Frequency transmission over infra red interface
·         Handheld transmitter with charging contacts for optional BA 2015 (NiMH) rechargeable battery (battery not included)
·         Pilot tone
·         Autotune to find free frequencies
·         Integrated EQ
·         Audio gain over 60 dB range
·         Soundcheck mode
·         4-Level battery indicator on transmitter and receiver
·         HDX compander
·         LCD with AF level and channel display
·         Switchable transmission power 10/30/50 mW
·         2 BNC antenna connector
·         XLR-Male balanced and jack unbalanced
·         Power supply 10.5 – 16 V DC
·         Band; Aw+: 470 – 558 MHz
·         Band: Gw: 558 – 626 MHz

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