Impianti video, luci ed effetti nelle Arene dei Camping Isolino e Continental


BL Acoustics LTD Villadossola has made ​​the installation of new video, lighting and effects at the Arenas Camping Isolino and Continental Fondotoce of Verbania. Particularly, you have two projectors from Panasonic 7000 ANSI Lumen, located on trusse by brackets extensible Euromet Arakno, to create two giant screens to 4 mt. The video signals, in Full HD 1080p resolution, were sent to the projector from the respective control rooms via two HDMI Extender Wyrestorm. These devices, through the use of 2 CAT6 cables, are able to carry video, audio, IR signals and RS-232 up to the considerable distance of mt. 200, without any degradation of quality.

In the video control rooms, are hosted two TV HD decoder, two DVD players / recorders with HD 250 GB, and two switcher / scaler Professional, which allows you to select the input source (decoder sat in HDMI, Component DVD, computer VGA), convert it to the desired resolution and then send the signal to the transfer system by Cat. 6 cables.

In addition, the audio systems have been implemented with new stage monitors, and lights and effects plants with 6 color changing LED headlamps, 14 Par 64 LED headlamps, a new lights console and other equipment for the generation of special effects controlled via DMX (600 mW laser projector machines, soap bubbles, “fake fire” led, etc.).

The giant screens are being used as part of the spectacular musicals by teams of animation of the two campings, and, during the Soccer World Cup, have been used for the vision of the final stages, to the delight of the thousands of German and Dutch tourists who attended the screenings.

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Nuove luci nella terrazza bar del Grand Hotel Regina Palace di Stresa

Dopo aver curato la progettazione e l’installazione dell’impianto audio, video, luci ed automazione totale della piscina con SPA del Grand Hotel Regina Palace di Stresa (Verbania), BL Acoustics di Villadossola è stata chiamata anche per la progettazione e l’installazione di un nuovo sistema di luci architetturali per la terrazza bar dell’Hotel.

Per questa importante realizzazione sono stati impiegati 10 proiettori a led RGB da 120 W, orientati per creare un effetto “wash” sulle vetrate e le arcate posteriori: ogni faro è composto da un sistema illuminante da 42 led ed è in grado di generare un flusso luminoso di 2660 Lumen. Inoltre, alla base delle colonne sono stati installati 10 proiettori RGB “spot” d’accento, dotati ciascuno di 3 led da 2 W.

La colorazione diffusa della zona dei tavolini è realizzata con 2 fari Led dotati di 18 led tricromici da 3 W con lenti da 30°.

Ecco un breve reportage fotografico del risultato ottenuto:

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